Join Our Parent Club!

We want YOU!  Come join the Maple Parents Club and take the opportunity to enhance the quality of education and well-being of our students while supporting our teachers and staff.  We are a network of parents working together to plan and facilitate school events through family and community involvement.  Our volunteer and fundraising efforts help to defer the costs of field trips, classroom enrichment materials, library improvements, student yearbooks, school events, school improvements, etc. 

Maple Parents Club encourages active participation and is open to all Maple School parents.  We meet monthly in the school cafeteria to discuss future events, fundraising, and new ideas.  Future meeting dates are determined at the end of each meeting.  Meeting notifications are published in the school newsletter, on Facebook, and by phone via the school notification system.

Please join us at our next meeting!  You are important to our children’s future and the growth of our school.

 For more information on the Maple Parents Club, please contact the school at (405)262-5647.